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You may be a marketer, an SEO optimizer or running an online business but your need for using a search query parser is inevitable. The tool is one that helps to extract information in the easiest and quickest possible way. Some search query parsers work faster and simpler than that of others. CyberMake’s WebParser is one that belongs to this category.

Our WebParser has a flexible configuration template and a number of additional features like the link checker, proxy checker, analyzer, keyword generator, integration with CAPTCHA recognition services and many more. Our WebParser is a one stop shop solution developed to search for new links to guest books, Wikis, online forums and blogs.

Explore your Benefits with WebParser

Search engines are varied and each perform actions and throw up different incomplete results for the same query. This is precisely the reason that contributed to the birth of a search query parser. When you perform a Google search, several URLs throw up and this result varies from Google to Yahoo or Bing or just about any search engine. A further advancement of the regular search engines paved way to the development of meta-search engines that simplified work further but did not do away with the need of identifying information precisely.

The average search query parser when used on any search engine should throw up a single list of all possible sources pertinent to the search. It searches the query text in the entire document, links and title and churns out a result that no Google or other search engine result can offer.

The most important advantage of WebParser is that you can use the tool on almost any kind of search engine and hence the tool is search engine agnostic.  Multiple search engines can be deployed simultaneously with this search query parser. The interface is interactive and user friendly thereby simplifying operations. It is one of the quickest parsers you can find in the market and delivers results almost in a jiffy.

The Role of Email Address Crawler

If you have email addresses to query on, the email address crawler is the tool for you. Your line of business may demand the use of sending mass emails. It is a near herculean task to pick out every single email address from an address book that can span to a thousand or more emails. Extract this information with the email address crawler in lesser time than you can imagine.

CyberMake’s tool for extracting email addresses, BlackSpider, presents a real world necessity for businesses and individuals alike. Unorganized emails and forgotten addresses need not concern you anymore. This email extractor software is the ideal solution for all companies and webmasters, who have to find and manage a huge amount of email addresses for newsletters, etc. The inbuilt keyword search of our email address crawler makes your expectations from such software’s a definite reality!

The combination of the search query parser and the email address crawler besides load of online support make CyberMake an invincible entity in the online world. Extending 24/7 support and timely addition of exceptional features make WebParser a go-to product for all your information search and extract needs.

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