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Many times, you may have wondered how to determine CMS of a particular website. Sometimes, it is quite easy to identify that. Just open the website and look at the site’s index page for the words “Powered By”. The sidebar is the next place to look for after the footer. Alternatively, you can check the favicon image in the address bar of your browser. Some systems have a default favicon users may have forgotten to change. Drupal is one such CMS that is simple to spot. Sometimes login links also give away the system name especially when you click on the login link. Links incorporating the term “node” indicate that it is a Drupal site. Check out the site of the website designer since certain designers employ only a few CMSs.

The Role of CyberMake’s WebParser

If you think you can determine CMS with just these basic ways, think again. Not all sites use open source systems and you may want to determine CMS of several hundreds of sites. This is when a google parser or any efficient web parser has an indispensable role to play. It is always better to go with a name the market reckons as the best rather than trying some product that may or may not deliver results you seek. CyberMake’s WebParser is a powerful tool that helps you determine CMS and is also an excellent search engine parser that can work with multiple search engines at the same time.

As Search Engine Parser

As Google parser or any search engine parser, CyberMake’s tool is fully automated and permits you to enter an unlimited number of keywords, yet throws up results that are consistent and all encompassing. WebParser supports multiple search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista and others) simultaneously and retrieves results in few seconds. You can parse without the use of proxy and the tool’s algorithm can differentiate captcha’s search engines in automatic mode. One amazing software tool encompasses a Google parser, Yahoo parser and many other advantages.

The tool supports infinite number of proxy servers and permits you to add your own search engines and CMS as well. Extract links from Google URLs with this parser that can perform your operations in the most efficient manner. In the absence of this parser tool, search in the virtual world becomes herculean and daunting. You will be flooded with zillions of information but may not get the right pieces. WebParser simplifies your task with functionalities that promise exceptional results.


There are many Google parsers available in the market today. Each has their own set of advantages and features. However, CyberMake is continuously on the path of advancement and introduces newer features and functionalities to its product so that existing and potential customers derive an exceptional parsing experience. It is one of the few fastest parsers you can find thereby simplifying your job to the maximum extent. Support extended by the team at CyberMake ensures your queries are answered at the earliest. Exceptional service combined with quality product is what CyberMake epitomizes.

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