Powers of Search Query Parser and Email Address Crawler

The powers of email address crawler tools become evident in several occasions. So is the supremacy associated with a search query parser. While the former helps in extracting contact information such as email and postal addresses, phone numbers and comprehensive information about companies and individuals; the latter focuses on extracting high quality links from search engines and also help to determine CMS of websites. CyberMake offers solutions to both these virtual needs of individuals and / or corporate and complete their querying requirements in a jiffy.

Understanding the Search Query Parser

When you employ a Google URL parser or a search query parser such as WebParser, the tool simply translates your search string into distinct instructions for Google or whichever search engine you use. The role of such a tool in text retrieval is therefore indisputable because it is because of this quintessential software that you obtain specific and pertinent results. WebParser is a tool that facilitates several kinds of professionals in performing search queries and extracting relevant information. Secondly, the tool also helps you to determine CMS of any website. CMSs are of various types and while some websites blatantly display their CMS, few others are often tough to identify. Employ the features available in CyberMake’s WebParser to simplify this task beyond comparison.

Glitches associated with Google URL or Search Engine Parsers

The ideal search query parser is the one that understands and recognizes content and serves as an expert in retrieving information. However, each Google URL parser or any other search engine parser behaves in different ways. Hence, determining the most suitable parser becomes a daunting task. CyberMake understands your complexities associated with lack of flexibility and has released the WebParser that handles most kinds of your search querying needs. We understand the succinct lack of foresight prevailing in the market and WebParser shoots down these glitches to offer a suitable companion for all your web search needs.

How Does it Work

The end user of the internet is usually not equipped with the technical know-how or expertise of breaking a search query into specific instructions that the search engine can comprehend. This is where a search query parser disintegrates a query into various operators executed against underlying indexes and produces results that are understandable by the end user. This way the end user is assured of deriving specific and relevant results as against getting an ocean of information that may or may not be exact or precise.

As a Google URL parser, WebParser helps you to parse results from Google search. Similarly, results from other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo besides others are also parsed to offer desired results. WebParser is flexible to accept any search engine and the user also has the option of appending his or her own. Therefore, the range of this search query parser is higher. Unlimited keywords can be entered to extract thousands of results from multiple search engines. The option of using a proxy or otherwise makes the tool all the more flexible.

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