Evolution of the Parser and Customization by CyberMake

Parser is a concept that offers benefits of several kinds and the market is inundated with abundant parsing tools. Search engines have today become an age old concept. Any individual resorts to any of the multitude of search engines available to query or search for information. He manages to find some as well. While quantum of information is high, quality or preciseness is most often questionable. This is where a URL parser plays a vital role.

The Need for Evolution of the Parser

A search engine is usually designed after comprehensive understanding of a users’ intent for web search queries. However, precise definition of intent is most often difficult and hence results that are at times delivered from a search engine may not prescribe to your requirements. The URL parser disintegrates your search query into a language the search engine understands and delivers results to your exacting specifications. This makes it the precise reason for individuals, businesses and companies to move away from conventional online search to making use of a parser to fulfill their search needs.

The CyberMake Edge

There are several parsing tools available in the market today. Each of them come with their own set of distinct advantages and limitations and determining the most suitable product depends upon your individual requirements. Some of the most commonly observed limitations in such parsers include excessive time consumption, lack of applicability on multiple search engines, inability of the tool for performing simultaneous parsing, lack of compatibility with your system specifications and lack of flexibility besides others. There are very few parsers in the market today that offer a complete suite of benefits.

CyberMake designs the URL parser to cater to a universal segment of customers and allows for user flexibility. The user can adjust specifications within the tool and customize it for his or her web search needs. Also, the tool is compatible with most system specifications and also performs simultaneous parsing of results from multiple search engines. When it comes to time, it is tough to identify a parser quicker than that of CyberMake’s. The WebParser is thus a widely sought after tool by different segments of people from across the world.

Customization is where the Solution Lies

CyberMake has released products that cater to every business’ objectives and requirements. However, we understand that not every requirement of every business can be fulfilled with one product. Also, the role of budget in every organization is significant. Hence, parsing tools will have to be designed in such a way that appeals to the distinctive needs of a business or individual. Hence, we believe and live the age of customization. We re-create functionalities and features of the software to suit a client’s current and potential needs.

The constant act of upgrading stems from the underlying factor of need for customization. Our huge repository of technical and creative talent combines with market research expertise to produce products par excellence. The web parser and the email crawler software have emerged after thorough research and understanding of what a client needs and wants.

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