Powerful SEO tools for Scraping web data and build backlinks

WebParser – Powerful SEO tools for Scraping web data, Backlink builder and High pr backlinks Google, BackLinks Generation.

WebParser is a seo tool for Scraping web data. But WebParser can build a BackLinks for your website.

In WP you can find more SEO Tools, that as High pr backlinks in special Backlink builder sowtware functionality. The Backlink builder software is making a real backlinks from more special CMS, webparser can determine CMS and making automatically seo actions for you, for auto promote your web site. This backlinks is fast indexing in google.

WebParser is real Search engine tool for scrape information from web-pages and search engines. WP – not only Google URL Parser, WP can parsing all search engines in all world.

WP – Google Result parser, MSN Result Parser and for all SE. Making easy your Backlinks google.

Fast Scrape url backlink list in our programms.

Search Query Parser is very cool program for peoples, who working with seo.

In our programs – Scrape software you can find a Email Crawler Tools.

See the Email Address Crawler Tools in BlackSpuder functionality – our Crawler Tool.

WebParser Professional is integrated into all versions of BlackSpider.

WebParser – SEO tools for Scraping web data, Backlink builder, High pr backlinks from Google, BackLinks Generation and more

BlackSpider – Power Scrape software and Crawler Tools for Scraping web data. Scrape Email Address, Lead generation, Email leads for Finding New business clients

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The Significance of CMS and How to Find any CMS on any Website

The pertinence and importance of CMS is primary to an SEO expert, internet marketer or social media marketing professional. Talk to them and they will jump at the opportunity to help them find any CMS used on any website. A good search engine parser that combines the inevitable functionality of determining the CMS is one to invest in.

Understanding the CMS

Content Management System or CMS is an application that helps to handle and organize movies, text, pictures, links and any other types of data. Although most CMSs are web based, their functionalities differ and some of the more popular CMS include WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Very often, internet professionals try to find out the CMS of a website using conventional means such as location or login page ideas. However, many times, such methods prove to be futile and finally, there is a lot of wastage of man hours that could have otherwise been put to more productive means.

Ways to find any CMS used on any website stems from the accuracy of algorithms but not all algorithms come in handy for all kinds of CMS. To add further woes to the trouble, some websites may even employ multiple CMS. For e.g. WordPress can be the primary CMS to a website that uses vBulletin on its subdirectory or sub-domain. Trying codes, snippets through search engines, checking support pages, indications in the source code and looking at the URL are all certain means to find out the CMS employed on a website but may or may not deliver results you are looking for. And even if they do, you are going to put in a lot of time unnecessarily.

WebParser Fills the Picture

CyberMake’s in-house product WebParser is a search engine parser and more. Its functionalities are ever progressing and it is a wonder for professionals doing their business on the web. One of the significant functionalities of the tool is its ability to find any CMS used on any website. Simply deploy the WebParser and let it do its job for you in no time at all. You can use the tool for all your search engine parsing needs as well as determine CMS of a website.

The most significant benefits of the search engine parser is that it is flexible and allows for customization, is quicker than most and performs parsing operations on multiple search engines at the same time. Besides all these attributes, the WebParser also helps you find out the CMS of a website in no time. A fully equipped support team offers all the assistance you may require and also absorbs and implements suggestions provided by the users.

To find out the CMS of a website may be fun work especially when there is a lot of researching and detective work that need to be employed. However, when you are a professional whose efforts and time are equated in monetary terms, you might as well direct your energies to more productive purposes.

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Powers of Search Query Parser and Email Address Crawler

The powers of email address crawler tools become evident in several occasions. So is the supremacy associated with a search query parser. While the former helps in extracting contact information such as email and postal addresses, phone numbers and comprehensive information about companies and individuals; the latter focuses on extracting high quality links from search engines and also help to determine CMS of websites. CyberMake offers solutions to both these virtual needs of individuals and / or corporate and complete their querying requirements in a jiffy.

Understanding the Search Query Parser

When you employ a Google URL parser or a search query parser such as WebParser, the tool simply translates your search string into distinct instructions for Google or whichever search engine you use. The role of such a tool in text retrieval is therefore indisputable because it is because of this quintessential software that you obtain specific and pertinent results. WebParser is a tool that facilitates several kinds of professionals in performing search queries and extracting relevant information. Secondly, the tool also helps you to determine CMS of any website. CMSs are of various types and while some websites blatantly display their CMS, few others are often tough to identify. Employ the features available in CyberMake’s WebParser to simplify this task beyond comparison.

Glitches associated with Google URL or Search Engine Parsers

The ideal search query parser is the one that understands and recognizes content and serves as an expert in retrieving information. However, each Google URL parser or any other search engine parser behaves in different ways. Hence, determining the most suitable parser becomes a daunting task. CyberMake understands your complexities associated with lack of flexibility and has released the WebParser that handles most kinds of your search querying needs. We understand the succinct lack of foresight prevailing in the market and WebParser shoots down these glitches to offer a suitable companion for all your web search needs.

How Does it Work

The end user of the internet is usually not equipped with the technical know-how or expertise of breaking a search query into specific instructions that the search engine can comprehend. This is where a search query parser disintegrates a query into various operators executed against underlying indexes and produces results that are understandable by the end user. This way the end user is assured of deriving specific and relevant results as against getting an ocean of information that may or may not be exact or precise.

As a Google URL parser, WebParser helps you to parse results from Google search. Similarly, results from other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo besides others are also parsed to offer desired results. WebParser is flexible to accept any search engine and the user also has the option of appending his or her own. Therefore, the range of this search query parser is higher. Unlimited keywords can be entered to extract thousands of results from multiple search engines. The option of using a proxy or otherwise makes the tool all the more flexible.

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Evolution of the Parser and Customization by CyberMake

Parser is a concept that offers benefits of several kinds and the market is inundated with abundant parsing tools. Search engines have today become an age old concept. Any individual resorts to any of the multitude of search engines available to query or search for information. He manages to find some as well. While quantum of information is high, quality or preciseness is most often questionable. This is where a URL parser plays a vital role.

The Need for Evolution of the Parser

A search engine is usually designed after comprehensive understanding of a users’ intent for web search queries. However, precise definition of intent is most often difficult and hence results that are at times delivered from a search engine may not prescribe to your requirements. The URL parser disintegrates your search query into a language the search engine understands and delivers results to your exacting specifications. This makes it the precise reason for individuals, businesses and companies to move away from conventional online search to making use of a parser to fulfill their search needs.

The CyberMake Edge

There are several parsing tools available in the market today. Each of them come with their own set of distinct advantages and limitations and determining the most suitable product depends upon your individual requirements. Some of the most commonly observed limitations in such parsers include excessive time consumption, lack of applicability on multiple search engines, inability of the tool for performing simultaneous parsing, lack of compatibility with your system specifications and lack of flexibility besides others. There are very few parsers in the market today that offer a complete suite of benefits.

CyberMake designs the URL parser to cater to a universal segment of customers and allows for user flexibility. The user can adjust specifications within the tool and customize it for his or her web search needs. Also, the tool is compatible with most system specifications and also performs simultaneous parsing of results from multiple search engines. When it comes to time, it is tough to identify a parser quicker than that of CyberMake’s. The WebParser is thus a widely sought after tool by different segments of people from across the world.

Customization is where the Solution Lies

CyberMake has released products that cater to every business’ objectives and requirements. However, we understand that not every requirement of every business can be fulfilled with one product. Also, the role of budget in every organization is significant. Hence, parsing tools will have to be designed in such a way that appeals to the distinctive needs of a business or individual. Hence, we believe and live the age of customization. We re-create functionalities and features of the software to suit a client’s current and potential needs.

The constant act of upgrading stems from the underlying factor of need for customization. Our huge repository of technical and creative talent combines with market research expertise to produce products par excellence. The web parser and the email crawler software have emerged after thorough research and understanding of what a client needs and wants.

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Determine CMS, Parse Multiple Search Engines and More with WebParser

Many times, you may have wondered how to determine CMS of a particular website. Sometimes, it is quite easy to identify that. Just open the website and look at the site’s index page for the words “Powered By”. The sidebar is the next place to look for after the footer. Alternatively, you can check the favicon image in the address bar of your browser. Some systems have a default favicon users may have forgotten to change. Drupal is one such CMS that is simple to spot. Sometimes login links also give away the system name especially when you click on the login link. Links incorporating the term “node” indicate that it is a Drupal site. Check out the site of the website designer since certain designers employ only a few CMSs.

The Role of CyberMake’s WebParser

If you think you can determine CMS with just these basic ways, think again. Not all sites use open source systems and you may want to determine CMS of several hundreds of sites. This is when a google parser or any efficient web parser has an indispensable role to play. It is always better to go with a name the market reckons as the best rather than trying some product that may or may not deliver results you seek. CyberMake’s WebParser is a powerful tool that helps you determine CMS and is also an excellent search engine parser that can work with multiple search engines at the same time.

As Search Engine Parser

As Google parser or any search engine parser, CyberMake’s tool is fully automated and permits you to enter an unlimited number of keywords, yet throws up results that are consistent and all encompassing. WebParser supports multiple search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista and others) simultaneously and retrieves results in few seconds. You can parse without the use of proxy and the tool’s algorithm can differentiate captcha’s search engines in automatic mode. One amazing software tool encompasses a Google parser, Yahoo parser and many other advantages.

The tool supports infinite number of proxy servers and permits you to add your own search engines and CMS as well. Extract links from Google URLs with this parser that can perform your operations in the most efficient manner. In the absence of this parser tool, search in the virtual world becomes herculean and daunting. You will be flooded with zillions of information but may not get the right pieces. WebParser simplifies your task with functionalities that promise exceptional results.


There are many Google parsers available in the market today. Each has their own set of advantages and features. However, CyberMake is continuously on the path of advancement and introduces newer features and functionalities to its product so that existing and potential customers derive an exceptional parsing experience. It is one of the few fastest parsers you can find thereby simplifying your job to the maximum extent. Support extended by the team at CyberMake ensures your queries are answered at the earliest. Exceptional service combined with quality product is what CyberMake epitomizes.

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Observe the Most Accurate Results with CyberMake’s Search Query Parser

You may be a marketer, an SEO optimizer or running an online business but your need for using a search query parser is inevitable. The tool is one that helps to extract information in the easiest and quickest possible way. Some search query parsers work faster and simpler than that of others. CyberMake’s WebParser is one that belongs to this category.

Our WebParser has a flexible configuration template and a number of additional features like the link checker, proxy checker, analyzer, keyword generator, integration with CAPTCHA recognition services and many more. Our WebParser is a one stop shop solution developed to search for new links to guest books, Wikis, online forums and blogs.

Explore your Benefits with WebParser

Search engines are varied and each perform actions and throw up different incomplete results for the same query. This is precisely the reason that contributed to the birth of a search query parser. When you perform a Google search, several URLs throw up and this result varies from Google to Yahoo or Bing or just about any search engine. A further advancement of the regular search engines paved way to the development of meta-search engines that simplified work further but did not do away with the need of identifying information precisely.

The average search query parser when used on any search engine should throw up a single list of all possible sources pertinent to the search. It searches the query text in the entire document, links and title and churns out a result that no Google or other search engine result can offer.

The most important advantage of WebParser is that you can use the tool on almost any kind of search engine and hence the tool is search engine agnostic.  Multiple search engines can be deployed simultaneously with this search query parser. The interface is interactive and user friendly thereby simplifying operations. It is one of the quickest parsers you can find in the market and delivers results almost in a jiffy.

The Role of Email Address Crawler

If you have email addresses to query on, the email address crawler is the tool for you. Your line of business may demand the use of sending mass emails. It is a near herculean task to pick out every single email address from an address book that can span to a thousand or more emails. Extract this information with the email address crawler in lesser time than you can imagine.

CyberMake’s tool for extracting email addresses, BlackSpider, presents a real world necessity for businesses and individuals alike. Unorganized emails and forgotten addresses need not concern you anymore. This email extractor software is the ideal solution for all companies and webmasters, who have to find and manage a huge amount of email addresses for newsletters, etc. The inbuilt keyword search of our email address crawler makes your expectations from such software’s a definite reality!

The combination of the search query parser and the email address crawler besides load of online support make CyberMake an invincible entity in the online world. Extending 24/7 support and timely addition of exceptional features make WebParser a go-to product for all your information search and extract needs.

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